Top 5 Free Voicemail Apps for Android

When people were still using landlines, voice mail was still used. It was created so that you could send information to someone even if you couldn’t reach them.

We have chosen 5 free and handy voice mail apps for iOS and Android for you.

1. YouMail

YouMail is a comprehensive visual voicemail tool with several additional features that make it one of the best in this category. It includes automatic voicemail transcriptions to keep what’s important and eliminate what’s not. It can also assist you fully ignore telemarketers or robocallers by presenting them with an out of service tone, allowing them to remove you from their caller list.

When calling private lines, the app will automatically answer and deliver a message asking them to unlock their caller ID and call again. Voicemails can also be saved in folders on your smartphone indefinitely.

Download it now: here

2. Voxist

Voxist displays your voicemail in the most user-friendly graphic format. On one screen, you will be able to familiarize yourself with all of the messages and select the ones you truly need to hear.

Voxist can decode voice into text in over 40 languages. Simply read it if you’re on the train, in a meeting, or simply don’t want to listen to your work email in your personal time. If you connect it, messages will be sent to your phone and email.

Download it now: here

3. Google Voice

There is a great voicemail app accessible for folks residing in the United States. Google has also achieved success in this arena, launching Google Voice. It consolidates all of your voicemails into a single number that can also be used to make calls and send messages.

All critical voice messages from your contacts will be saved, and a backup tool is available. Google Voice allows you to save money on calls to foreign countries and regions by not charging your mobile provider extra fees.

Transcripts of your voice messages will be sent to your email address. You can read them using a computer or a mobile app. In general, Google Voice is an excellent way to organize your voice mail if you live in the United States.

Download it now: here

4. InstaVoice

This program is great for those that need to handle a large number of numbers. You can have all of your voicemails routed to one spot with InstaVoice, allowing you to swiftly read through them and even answer to them immediately using a dedicated call and text button within the app.

You’ll also notice that you missed a call, such as when your smartphone was switched off. This capability is available for many numbers at the same time – you can combine up to ten distinct numbers in one InstaVoice without mixing messages.

The app itself is free, however calls and diversions will be charged according to your operator’s pricing. Even if you switch mobile phone providers, InstaVoice will store all of your voice mails so you can retrieve them – the important thing is to keep your account.

Download it now: here

5. HulloMail Intelligent Voicemail

This is yet another visually appealing voicemail tool that can help you quickly navigate through lengthy transcriptions. One feature of HulloMail that I particularly like is the option to search through voicemails using a certain word or sentence to discover the voicemail you’re looking for.

This might assist you in sorting through a large number of voicemails on your smartphone. You can also read transcriptions from the available list and even send a copy to your email if desired.

Download it now: here

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