How to setup voicemail on android (Detailed Steps)

Voicemail setup on Android is now simple.

You might be hesitant to set up a voicemail on your Android phone. With the rising use of the internet, we can now connect to the people around us at the touch of a button. Because of our increased connection with our phones, we envision taking some time off for ourselves and getting away from our phones.

So, if you are one of those people who is constantly concerned about missing important calls, setting up a voicemail can be the ideal option to alleviate your anxiety. As a result, you can postpone using your phone for a while while also making changes for missed calls. Once you’ve set up voicemail on your Android phone, it’s simple to forward incoming calls to another number. There is another option that allows you to see these recorded calls and respond at a later time. The following tips will assist you in making the best use of the settings.

Utilize telephone service providers to set up voice mail.

Telephone service providers can allow you to set up voicemail. You can refer to the carrier website for more information. However, if you prefer the modern method of setting up voicemail on an Android phone, you should follow these simple steps:

Setup Voicemail on Android
The first step is to launch the Settings app on your phone, then:

  • Navigate to the call settings page.
  • Choose the voicemail option from the drop-down menu.

* However, if you are unable to locate the voicemail option directly on your phone, one solution is to just put voicemail into the search bar to locate it quickly. In the different versions of Android, the voicemail might have different names. For example, in your phone, it may be called as voicemail setup, voicemail settings, or setup option.

  • After you’ve accessed the voicemail setup option from your phone, the next step is to select the voicemail service’s carrier.
  • Now, choose Voicemail and enter the voicemail number. You can specify whether you want the voicemails delivered to your phone or another person’s phone.
  • You should now get a popup indicating that the voicemail number has been changed and approved.
  • The next option is to launch your phone’s dialer, and now you must dial 1.
  • You need to now contact the voicemail service of the carrier you choose throughout the voicemail setup process.
  • Now, the voice command will offer a password or a PIN through phone and enter the required information based on the call specifics.
  • Make sure to record your name and pronounce clearly when prompted by the voice command.
  • Now you need to decide what you want your callers to hear clearly when they contact you but you do not answer. You can either use the predefined greetings or create your own.
  • The settings might be slightly different depending on the service provider.
  • That’s all of the steps, you have completed the voicemail setup on your Android phone.

If you wish to utilize a third-party voicemail software on Android, you should read this post – List of Voicemail App Download for Android Phone.

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