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If you’re looking for a police scanner app, Scanner Radio is a perfect choice. The app features alerts for breaking news, traffic, public safety, and major events throughout the country. You can customize your notifications and even save your favorite scanners for later listening.

You can save favorite frequencies and create custom searches using the memory card. This is especially helpful when you don’t know a certain frequency or when you want to know what’s on the airwaves in a given area. You can also set your scanner to notify you of breaking news events.

You can also listen to scanner communications online. The broadcasting of police scanners is legal in the United Kingdom. However, there are restrictions on listening to certain transmissions. You need permission to listen to police radio and aviation frequencies. Furthermore, most emergency services have switched to digital encrypted radio systems. Below are a few features of Police Scanner App.

  • Supports multiple frequencies

If you are searching for a scanner that supports multiple frequencies, you will find several options online. You can even customize the scanner so that it includes all the agencies in a particular county. You can also find information on local laws and regulations regarding scanners by consulting your local law enforcement office or scanner retailer.

  • Simple user interface

The Scanner Radio app has a simple, user-friendly interface. The app provides a list of scanners in your area. You can then select one from the list and start listening. Some scanners have multiple feeds, and this makes it easy for the app to detect the best radio stations for your area. Moreover, the app lets you save favorite scanners on your home screen to be notified of new feeds.

  • Scanner Radio has 500 channels in 10 banks

The Scanner Radio features 500 channels organized in 10 banks, which means there’s plenty of room for local business and weather channels. It also includes features such as Alpha Tagging, which allows you to easily track channels by name. Another useful feature is the NOAA weather scanning feature, which makes it easy to follow changing weather conditions and storms. You can also receive severe weather warnings with the Weather Alert mode.

  • FM radio

You can listen to a live police scanner stream while doing other things on your phone. The app lets you back out if you don’t want to continue listening to the feed. It also allows you to favorite your favorite feeds so that you can keep listening even when you’re busy doing other things on your phone. The app also has a list of police scanner codes that you can use to report crimes.

  • It has a lockout button

This Police Scanner app features a lockout button that will prevent the scanner from stopping on stored frequencies. It is also equipped with a delay button that allows you to listen to radio conversations even when you are not on the scanner. This feature is helpful for listening to traffic helicopters, for example. The radio scanner is also equipped with a small whip antenna and an external antenna connector. The external antenna allows you to listen to even more transmissions.

  • Alarm

Police scanner app can be used to protect the public from potential danger. They are equipped with an alarm button that alerts police if you are in danger. If you are in a situation where you are at risk of losing your cell phone, you can use Scanner Radio to find out the situation and protect yourself and your loved ones. It can also be used for a variety of other purposes, including emergency communications and weather forecasts.

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Rate: 4.5

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