Simple And Quick Ways On How To Empty Trash On Android!

Many people have android and have lots of media on their phones. Once we are done with them, we usually delete them by accident. When this happens, you need to empty the trash on your phone. Sometimes the media is irrelevant and takes up lots of space on your android device. So you might be thinking of how to empty the trash on your android device. This information is specially meant for you. You will get to know in detail how to empty trash on an android device. So let’s begin.

What Does the Android device Thrash Contain?

Before learning how to empty the trash on android, let’s first know what thrash in android contains. Yes, it might surprise you that your android phone can contain thrash. We delete many things by accident and save them in the trash. We need to remember that when we store something in thrash, then only do they get deleted permanently. You cannot recover anything from thrash once you empty the trash on your android device. The things in thrash are hidden from your eyes as well as history.

That’s why you cannot find them in the trash. Users usually mistake that it is about the system data when they see a space used in android, but it is not true. Thinking of how to empty trash on the android device might be a big mistake. To free up more space from your phone, you can permanently delete the unnecessary files stored in thrash. They cannot be recovered once you delete them. But if you don’t want to lose any data and want to recover it, then you should not delete them at any cost.

Reasons To Remove Thrash From Your Android Phone!

There are many reasons to remove trash from your android phone.

· For Faster Internet:

If your phone contains a large number of files, then it takes more time to open the web page and browse through the website as well. So you would have noticed that when you try to open a web page, it takes more time than usual. This happens because your android device has more trash, and thus you cannot browse fast on any site. It is not only the sites, but it also happens while downloading files. So to free up more space, you need to delete all the files stored in thrash.

· For Faster Phone:

If you have many apps on your android device, it takes up lots of storage and thus makes your phone slow. They also take up a lot of space even when you have fewer data in your memory. So you need to delete all these apps and save lots of space from your android phone.

· To Maintain Privacy:

If you have many photos and videos on your phone, they will be visible to all the others when they look at your phone. To maintain privacy, you need to delete thrash which can be easily found using a search engine. Using a social media platform like Google, you must remember that all your data is stored in thrash.

· To Save On Battery Life:

If you are using your android phone and have lots of apps on it, then it drains all the battery of your phone. So you will notice that your phone is not getting charged properly even after keeping the screen switched off all the time. To solve this problem, you must clear trash from your android system to save battery life.

Steps To Empty Thrash From Your Android Phone

If you are looking for how to empty trash on android, follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Tap on settings

Step 2: Tap on storage and then tap internal storage. If your external memory card is installed, tap on External SD Card.

Step 3: Now tap the menu button and tap “clear cache” to remove the cache data from your android device. Then scroll down and tap the “Clear data” option to remove all your user data.

Step 4: Now go back to settings and again go to storage. Then tap on the “Clear cache” option and clear the cache data from your android phone.

Step 5: Then tap on “Clear data” and clear all the data stored in thrash.


To empty trash from your android device, you need to clear the cache data and set up your phone again. After doing this, your phone will have more space, and you can start using it without any problem. So if you are looking for how to empty trash on an android device, then you need to follow these steps, which have been explained above.

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