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As an early employee of Facebook and Yahoo, GoodRx saw the benefits of digitalization, including transparency. As a result, he decided that the prescription drug industry was ripe for disruption. Together with Trevor Bezdek, he founded GoodRx. Since then, the company has helped over a million people save money on their prescriptions.

GoodRx works by comparing prices at a number of pharmacies to determine the lowest prices for the same medications. These prices are updated frequently. In some cases, it may be necessary to switch pharmacies or use different coupons to find the lowest price. In addition, drug prices, formularies, copays, and other factors frequently change, making it difficult to know which pharmacy offers the lowest prices.

What Are the Features of GoodRx?

GoodRx is a prescription drug discount program that works with your pharmacy benefit manager. Its features include discounts for prescription drugs at retail pharmacies and the ability to submit feedback and testimonials. To learn more about GoodRx, read on! But first, let’s review what this service does.

  • GoodRx is a prescription drug discount program

GoodRx has become an industry leader in prescription drug discounts, with its users reporting savings of $25 billion since its launch in 2011. Currently, the program saves about $20 million a day. That’s a significant amount, considering that 58 million people go without prescription medicines because of the costs. And it’s estimated that 10,000 people die every month due to a lack of access to needed medications. With GoodRx as a middleman, you can be sure to receive the best possible price on your prescriptions.

To get the best value for your money, consider purchasing a GoodRx Savings Kit and getting your medication for a lower price. Most users of the GoodRx program have their own insurance, but if you have no insurance or are on a high deductible, GoodRx may help you get the medications you need.

  • It offers coupons at pharmacies

As a former Yahoo and Facebook employee, Hirsch recognized the opportunity to disrupt an industry that had been largely opaque. He decided to start a new company that would give people more options for accessing prescription drugs. GoodRx is a website that gives patients access to prescription coupons at pharmacies.

With GoodRx, consumers can save as much as 80% on prescriptions. Their prices are competitive with cash prices at the register. For example, prices on generic drugs are around $20 cheaper than those of comparable brand-name products. Since most pharmacies cannot reduce the price beyond a certain threshold, the discounts offered through GoodRx are often much lower than the prices charged by the pharmacies.

  • It works with pharmacy benefit managers

GoodRx has developed a platform that lets consumers see the lowest price for their prescription medications. This technology provides access to low-cost generic drugs, which are commonly prescribed. In addition, the platform lets patients and physicians use a digital coupon to save money when they buy their medications. The system has been shown to improve medication adherence, resulting in lower medical costs and complications downstream.

  • It lets you submit feedback and testimonials

GoodRx provides prescription coupons at a discount to patients. These coupons can be used at any pharmacy, and the pharmacist will simply enter the information from the card to give the patient a discounted price. The coupons are valid at multiple pharmacies and can be used as often as necessary.

GoodRx is paid by referral fees from health insurance companies and PBMs, which perform third-party administrative duties relating to prescription drugs. These companies have been the subject of much debate because of their impact on prescription prices. As a result, GoodRx splits a percentage with PBMs as a “referral fee.”

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