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Discord App

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Discord is a fast-growing and flexible communication platform that empowers users worldwide by facilitating the creation of communities, conversation, and long-lasting friendships. Initially designed to cater to the gaming community, Discord has expanded its horizons by becoming a hub for a variety of diverse online groups, enabling communications with text, voice, and video. The modern, user-friendly interface, combined with its rich and varied feature set, allows users to easily find or create personalized servers and communities, based on their own interests or hobbies.

Founded in 2015 by Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy, Discord has seen significant adoption among gamers, content creators, and various web communities. It gained popularity due to its combination of real-time chat functionality, low-latency voice communication, and an accessible and customizable interface. Discord focuses on providing the best in class communication tools while maintaining a secure and stable platform, essential for users participating in diverse discussions and group activities.

Features of Discord App

  • Text, Voice, and Video Channels

Discord allows users to create channels to discuss various topics with friends or like-minded individuals within a server. These channels can be dedicated for text, voice, or video, allowing flexibility in communication methods based on users’ preferences or the topic at hand.

  • Permissions and Roles

Server owners and administrators can customize user roles, with granular control over permissions for each role. This enables them to craft the perfect experience for each member and maintain the security and integrity of server interactions.

  • Bots and Integrations:

Users can enhance their server experience by incorporating bots, which provide moderation assistance, fun mini-games, and integration with various external services like streaming platforms or social media.

  • Direct Messaging and Group Calls

In addition to server-based communications, Discord offers direct messaging and group calls, allowing users to interact with friends or colleagues without the need for server membership.

  • Screen Sharing and Live Streaming

Users can share their screens or live stream games/content to their friends or server members, making it a great platform to share experiences or collaborate on projects.

Apps Like Discord


Known for its extensive use in professional environments, Slack is a team collaboration tool that organizes conversations into channels and offers file-sharing, real-time messaging, and integration with other productivity tools.


Traditional and popular amongst gamers, TeamSpeak is a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) software focused on delivering high-quality, low-latency voice communication. It offers extensive permissions control, making it suitable for various online communities and gaming groups.

Microsoft Teams

Developed by Microsoft, Teams is geared towards the business and education sectors, offering robust features such as team collaboration, video conferencing, file sharing, and integration with various Office applications.

Discord App

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Updated On: Jun 12, 2023

Rate: 4.3

Category: Social Networking

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