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Citizen App

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Citizen App is an innovative and cutting-edge public safety application that aims to make communities safer by providing real-time information about incidents and events happening in neighborhoods. Launched in 2016, the app was initially designed for the New York City area, but has since expanded across various cities in the United States. Focused on fostering community engagement, awareness, and empowerment, Citizen App relies on location data, user reports, and verified sources to provide relevant and timely safety alerts to its users.

The app ensures that citizens are well-informed about potential risks, emergencies, or crimes happening near their location, thus allowing them to make informed decisions about their surroundings. By creating a network of vigilant and proactive community members, Citizen App seeks to improve public safety and enhance collective collaboration. The platform also encourages users to share live video broadcasts during incidents, increasing responsiveness and allowing for greater transparency.

Features of Citizen App

  • Real-time Alerts

The app delivers real-time safety alerts by leveraging official databases, user reports, and location data. As a result, users can be aware of incidents nearby or at specified locations.

  • Live Video Broadcasts

In case of an incident, users can view or share live videos that offer firsthand and real-time perspectives from the scene.

  • Incident Mapping

The app maps out the reported incidents within a geographical area, giving users a visual representation of the events occurring around them.

  • Emergency Notifications

Users can opt-in to receive customized notifications for specific types of incidents such as crimes, fires, or traffic accidents based on their preferences.

  • Community Engagement

Users can interact with one another, share updates and insights, or discuss incidents within the app, fostering a united and informed community.

Apps Like Citizen


As a neighborhood-centered social networking platform, Nextdoor connects neighbors with one another and shares local news, events, and services. While the app features a wider array of topics than Citizen App, it still emphasizes shared responsibility for safety and community concerns.

Ring Neighbors

An extension of the Ring app, Ring Neighbors is designed to enhance communication and collaboration among neighbors. Users can report incidents, share suspicious activities, and upload videos captured on their Ring security cameras. The app encourages participation in maintaining neighborhood security while interacting with other community members.


Offering a mix of community engagement and safety awareness, AlertNest aggregates information from various verified sources to create a real-time feed of incidents and updates. This platform also incorporates interactive maps, which allow users to visualize incidents and gain a clearer understanding of their local area.

Citizen App

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Rate: 3.9

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