Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector


What Does Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Imply?

Beginning with iPhone 7, Apple included some type of water, mud, and splash resistance in all their iPhone fashions. Whereas it’s apparent that utilizing an costly and delicate digital gadget in and round water is under no circumstances advisable, the actual world doesn’t work that manner. Whether or not it’s rain, swimming pool, kitchen, seashore, toilet, and so on., there are a number of “water” locations the place use our iPhones. What in case your iPhone turns into moist? What does liquid detected in lightning connector imply?

On this information, we are going to see how Apple alerts iPhone customers by detecting water within the charging port. We can even see the steps you must comply with when you see the message “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector”.

iPhone and Water Resistance

The idea of water, splash, and dirt resistance in iPhones shouldn’t be one thing new. It began this “characteristic” with the iPhone 7.

The truth is, Apple eliminated the three.5mm headphone jack in iPhone 7 with a purpose to make it waterproof.

From that mannequin onwards, Apple continued to implement some type of water resistance in all iPhone fashions. The next tables present a quick view of various iPhone fashions and their water resistant scores.

iPhone Fashions IP Score Immersion Depth and Time
iPhone 7

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone X

iPhone XR

iPhone SE (2nd Gen)

IP67 1 meter as much as half-hour
iPhone XS

iPhone XS Max

iPhone 11

IP68 2 meters as much as half-hour
iPhone 11 Professional

iPhone 11 Professional Max

IP68 4 minutes as much as half-hour
iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Mini

iPhone 12 Professional

iPhone 12 Professional Max

iPhone 13

iPhone 13 Mini

iPhone 13 Professional

iPhone 13 Professional Max

IP68 6 minutes as much as half-hour

Despite the fact that Apple made a big effort to make their iPhones water, mud, and splash resistant, it clearly suggests you to stop any type of liquid injury to your iPhones.

An essential level right here is that water resistance doesn’t imply waterproof. However accidents occur and there is perhaps conditions the place your iPhone turns into fully moist.

What Does Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Imply?

Apple calls the iPhone’s charging port the Lightning Connector. So, while you get a message saying “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector”, it means that there’s water both in your iPhone’s charging port or the charging cable is moist.

There are a number of the reason why there may be water in your iPhone’s lightning connector or the charging cable.

  • Rain: In case you took your iPhone in rain, then there’s a likelihood that water enters the charging port.
  • Bathe/Toilet: There are a number of individuals who take their iPhones to the loos. Both water from the bathe or humidity within the toilet could make your iPhone moist or construct moisture within the lightning connector.
  • Pool/Seashore: Everybody enjoys swimming within the pool or seashore. However when you take your iPhone with you, it would undoubtedly get moist and water enters the charging port.
  • Kitchen: One other place the place we use our iPhones that has lots of water or different liquids is the kitchen. In case you use your iPhone to observe cooking movies whereas cooking, you have to be very cautious and guarantee that water doesn’t fall on the iPhone.
  • Spilled Water or Drinks: We drink water, espresso, tea, soda, and so on. on a regular basis with our iPhones in shut neighborhood. In case you by accident spill your drink on the iPhone, then the lightning connector may change into moist.

The best way to Resolve Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Alert?

As we talked about earlier, when you get an alert saying liquid detected in lightning connector, it means both the charging port or the charging cable is moist. What to do now?

It’s important to correctly dry your iPhone earlier than utilizing the lightning connector or cable for charging or information switch.

  • In case you join the charging cable or every other accent to your iPhone, disconnect it instantly.
  • Don’t plug the charging cable, lightning headphones, or every other accent till your iPhone is totally dry.
  • Maintain your iPhone vertically with the lightning connector going through downwards.
  • Gently faucet the underside fringe of your iPhone in opposition to your hand to take away all water content material from the charging port.
  • Enable the iPhone to dry fully by leaving it in a room with first rate airflow.
  • Anticipate 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Now, attempt to join the lightning cable to your iPhone and see if the alert comes up once more.
  • If there isn’t a alert, then there isn’t a water or moisture within the charging port.
  • However when you get the alert even after following the above steps, then water or liquid continues to be current within the lightning connector of your iPhone.
  • Go away the iPhone to dry in a room with good airflow for a minimum of a day (about 24 hours or extra).
  • If doable, place the iPhone vertically with out blocking the lightning connector.
  • Don’t blow air into the lightning connector, both manually or utilizing a blower.
  • You is perhaps tempted to dry your iPhone utilizing a warmth gun or high-pressure compressed air. Please don’t do that.
  • Some individuals insert cotton swabs, microfiber cloths, and different comparable objects into the lightning connector with the concept of cleansing the liquid. This is not going to solely injury the lightning connector however make your iPhone past restore.
  • Placing digital units, particularly cell phones in a bag of rice to take away water and moisture is an age-old method. Whereas the credibility of this methodology is questionable, small rice grains can injury your iPhone. In case you are certain about this methodology, you may attempt it as a final resort.
  • When you have entry to silica gel packets, you may attempt another methodology to take away the moisture. We all know that silica gel is known for absorbing moisture and also you may need seen it in a number of packages.
  • After making an attempt all of the above-mentioned strategies, you may attempt utilizing a silica gel. Place the iPhone in a container together with some silica gel packets and shut the lid.
  • Anticipate a minimum of 24 hours earlier than making an attempt to insert the lightning cable into the lightning connector.

What if Your iPhone isn’t Moist?

You might be sure that your iPhone shouldn’t be moist and there’s no water or moisture within the lightning connector. However you might be nonetheless getting the message Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector.

Bear in mind the flexibility to withstand water, splash, and dirt decreases over time as a consequence of common put on and tear. That mentioned, if you’re getting this message continuously even after correctly drying your iPhone or you might be certain that there isn’t a water, then there is perhaps important injury to the charging port or the cable.

Don’t cost the iPhone and make contact with the Apple service middle instantly.


All iPhones from Apple beginning with the iPhone 7 have first rate water, splash, and dirt resistance. Regardless of the scores, Apple recommends you to not use your iPhone close to liquids.

However there are conditions the place we would have to make use of our iPhone in water (in rain) or by accident moist the iPhone (bathe, pool, kitchen, drinks, and so on.).

In any case, if there may be water in your iPhone’s lightning connector (i.e., the charging port), it would present an alert saying “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector”.

In case you get this alert, then don’t panic. You possibly can merely dry your iPhone and begin utilizing it as soon as once more.

On this information, we noticed the that means of the “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” message on iPhones. We additionally noticed some helpful strategies to dry your iPhone.


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