How To Fix A Running Toilet (Effective Steps!)

Having a running toilet in your bathroom is not a pretty site. Not only does this irritate anyone in the room, but it also means that gallons of water are being flushed down the drain every minute. However, if you know how to fix a running toilet, you can save your family or friends from wasting water and stop paying for it. Fortunately, there are several methods to do this, but first, you must take a good look at what is happening.

What Does A Running Toilet Do?

A running toilet cannot be fixed on its own. No matter how much you clean or flush the tank, a running toilet will still run. This combines two factors: a clogged drain and an old flapper valve. When the flapper hits the water in the tank, it can break off or wear down and crack. As a result, the toilet’s water tank will fill up and overflow. This can occur anytime, or at night, so you should check it as soon as you suspect it might be a running toilet.

Reasons For Damaged Or Running Toilet!

· You Have A Leak In The Holding Tank

A weak or damaged flapper valve and cracked flapper are common problems that cause your toilet to stop working. The flapper will not seal your water tank, and leakage will occur. The main reason for this is that the floats on the float ball do not float freely, and the hole in the bottom of the float ball cannot stay open.

· A Slow Leak In The Toilet Or The Fill Valve

If your toilet continues to run, you might have a slow leak. If you find that small amounts of water are slowly draining from your toilet bowl and into your house, you have a very slow leak. This can be caused by an old washer or rubber button damaged during installation or age.

· The Toilet Might Not Be Primed

This is another reason why the toilet might be running. You must ensure that the flapper is sealed correctly to stop this problem. The toilet tank lever should be pressed back down to close when you fix it.

Steps To Fix A Running Toilet

If your toilet is still working, this page isn’t for you. But if your bathroom is not working correctly or is hanging up or flushing half-heartedly, then these steps on how to fix a running toilet. If you want to get your toilet to flush correctly, then you will have to take action. It is not a process that you can do once and forget about. This means you must clean your toilet twice a week to avoid future problems.

Step 1: You Should Test The Flapper

Flappers are the most common cause of running toilets. They can get old and crack, the chain can break, or the flapper itself will come loose. This is why you must check your flapper before doing anything else thoroughly, or you might be throwing money away on parts.

Step 2: Take A Closer Look At The Chain

If your chain is broken or damaged, it won’t be long before you have a running toilet. Unfortunately, the chain is one of the areas that can wear down with regular use and abuse. Fortunately, it is easy to replace and can be picked up for only a few bucks at your local plumbing supply store.

Step 3: Replace The Flapper

If you have checked the chain and there is nothing wrong with it, you must purchase a new flapper. You can buy them at any home improvement or hardware store for less than $5.00. While you are at it, it is also a good idea to replace the other parts in your flapper. This will prevent future problems and save you money down the road.

Step 4: Replace Or Remove The Old Toilet Valve

If you still have a running toilet after replacing the flapper and the chain, it is time to proceed to your last option. You will have to pull off the old valve and replace it with a new one. This can be difficult, but if you are not afraid of getting dirty and broken hands, you should be able to complete this task.

Step 5: Install The New Valve

The last step is to install the new valve. Some people also recommend installing a new handle, but that is not necessary. If you are going to take the time to replace your toilet anyway, then you might also replace the old handles.

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