Guide On How To Uninstall Apps On Android

More storage gets included in modern Android phones and tablets than ever before, which makes it all too simple to load them up with applications and never bother about deleting them.

However, if you do it too long, you will soon run out of storage space. It’s also a good idea to periodically edit your app library and delete some programs from your smartphone because some apps will continue to operate in the background and consume system resources even if you almost ever use them and know about How to Uninstall Apps on Android.

You could wish to remove applications from an Android smartphone for another reason. In addition to their email, messaging, and calendar apps, several phone makers – now supply their products with third-party apps and games by default.

How Can I Remove Android’s Pre-installed Apps?

Many pre-installed applications get included with Android phones, and removing them involves a distinct set of processes. Follow these instructions to remove preloaded applications:

  • Tap on your profile symbol in the top right corner of the Google Play Store app after opening it.
  • Then select Manage Apps & Device.
  • Click Manage.
  • To remove a specific app, tick the box next to it.
  • At the upper right of the screen, tap the trash can symbol.
  • Tap Uninstall in the pop-up menu.
  • App marked for deletion with the word “Uninstall” in bold.

Technically, the pre-installed app won’t get deleted from your phone. This list will still include the icon. However, this does uninstall all of your app updates and clear up all storage the program was using.

From the home screen, remove

It can be easy – to remove a specific app directly from the shortcut on your home screen and How to Uninstall Apps on Android.

Pick the shortcut from the home screen: Tap and hold the shortcut for the program you want to delete on the home screen, then drag it to the top of the screen.

Drag the shortcut to “Uninstall” and put it there: Drop the application icon on top of the Uninstall option if it shows.

Give it – a try to see whether your Android smartphone can handle it; not all of them can.

Android app removal from the home screen

Be aware that you could notice a ‘Remove’ option in addition to or instead of ‘Uninstall.’ The app won’t get deleted; it will only disappear from the home screen. If you open the app drawer and look at the app shortcut gazing back at you, you can confirm this.

Applications may get removed from the app drawer.

A smartphone or tablet – is likely the quickest and simplest method to remove an app, although it is incompatible with older Android devices. Stick with one of the two strategies indicated above if the one discussed below doesn’t work for you. It is how it goes.

To uninstall an app, just press and hold it while dragging it to the screen’s Uninstall area in the app drawer (where all your installed applications are stored). When the pop-up requesting you to remove the program appears, the last step is to hit OK.

Step-by-step guidelines:

  • Apps on the home screen or in the app drawer may get selected by tapping and holding them.
  • Drag it to the screen’s Uninstall area when it displays.
  • When the pop-up window displays, click OK.

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