ATtiny85 Sleep Place Monitor –


At any time when Elite Worm sleeps on his abdomen, his neck muscle tissues really feel stiff within the morning. Sadly he flips this manner when asleep, so beginning off in the proper place would not remedy issues. To fight sleep-induced neck fatigue, he constructed a posture monitor that detects his orientation and prompts a small vibration motor to alert him when he’s on his abdomen.

The venture is printed within the video beneath, and consists of some unbelievable pictures of him attaching tiny 0402 floor mounted elements to the PCB, which permits for a really compact kind issue. He is utilizing an ATtiny85 for processing, and maybe most spectacular part applied size-wise is a 1x1mm voltage regulator.

The system is programmed to sleep more often than not to save lots of energy, waking each eight seconds to learn an accelerometer. This senses orientation, and if he’s wormed his means right into a face-down place. It incorporates a 3D-printed case and is supposed to clip onto a consumer’s underwear band. Charging is by way of a USB-C port, which tops off its 100mAh, 3.7V LiPo in about an hour.

Whereas the processor could be put to sleep, the voltage regulator and accelerometer can not at present be switched off. This implies it attracts 175µA in sleep mode with the accelerometer pattern fee set to minimal. The system remains to be very a lot usable, and may run for round 18 days with no need to be cost. Nonetheless, this could possibly be improved considerably, and he plans to repair these points earlier than doubtlessly promoting them sooner or later.


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